Lidt om Lit – med Ilmar Taska

Ilmar Taska is an Estonian author, film director and producer. His novel 'Pobeda 1946' was translated into danish by Jensen & Dalgaard in 2018. His collection of short stories ‘Større end livet’ was published in danish in 2017 also by Jensen & Dalgaard. We've asked him a few questions about literature before his attendance at LiteratureXchange.

Which book have you read most recently?

I am reading the Bulgarian author Georgi Gospodinov's book 'Physics of Sorrow' (also available in Danish 'Melankoliens fysik', published by Jensen & Dalgaard). I like that the novel does not tell single character's linear story while searching for moments of happiness.

Which book have you never finished?

There are a few very long novels I have not finished. I think we do not need too many words, too long descriptions. I suppose it's good to leave something for the imagination.

What author do you think is overlooked? 

Imbi Paju has written the book 'Memories Denied'. By describing the fate of her mother – arrested, imprisoned, deported to the Gulag as a young woman – Imbi Paju has told a story where the small voices are speaking quietly of traumatic memories which often have been denied.

What would you be if you weren’t an author?

I am already so many things - I am also a screenwriter, film producer, theatre director... I was a child actor, a youth radio reporter, TV host - this is not an exhaustive list. When I was five years old I wanted to become a chimney sweeper - what would you do when every dream comes true?

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