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ABOUT LiteratureXchange

LiteratureXchange is an international literature festival held in Aarhus, Denmark. In 2022 LiteratureXchange takes place on June 9th-19th.

The programme will consist of more than 150 events ranging from literary dinners and hair salons to traditional readings and debates. See info and photos from previous years 

LiteratureXchange presents Danish and international authors, talks between researchers and authors about international topics and different offbeat activities all over the city.

Organisers: Aarhus Centre for Literature and Aarhus Public Libraries.

LiteratureXchange is sponsored by Aarhus Kommune, Danish Arts Foundation, Spar Nord Fonden, The Nordic Culture Fund, Koda, S.C. Van Fonden, Konsul George Jorck og Hustru Emma Jorck's Fond, Europa-Nævnet and Aage og Johanne Louis-Hansens Fond.


LiteratureXchange explores how literature can challenge our understanding of ourselves and the world we live in. Can literature change the world? Can it change our worldview or put it into perspective?

LiteratureXchange will create a space for dialogue about the potential of literature by focusing on current global themes. This will be discussed by international and Danish authors, researchers, and critics.

AIMS OF LiteratureXchange

The Sustainable Development Goals 
During the next couple of years, the programme will be curated with inspiration from The Sustainable Development Goals of the UN.

Youngsters and literature
LiteratureXchange is focusing on greater diversity in age among the audience, co-creators and initiators. Building on these experiences, LiteratureXchange will expand and develop further so even more young people can be included and attend the events in 2022.

Stronger communities 
Around 40% of the attendees go to events during LiteratureXchange alone. We see a great potential in developing new concepts, which will support the creation of communities with literature as the main focus.

International collaborations
LiteratureXchange excels by being very well-anchored at both the local and national level. In 2022 we look internationally for partners.


There will be separate tickets for each event, which can be bought on this site when the line-up is ready. Our Facebook page will continuously be updated with new events. There will also be several free events. The tickets will go on sale in the beginning of spring 2022.

Time and place
LiteratureXchange will take place all over Aarhus on June 9th-19th 2022. The main stages are Godsbanen, Dokk1 and the local libraries.

LiteratureXchange prints a publication with all events. You can see all events in foreign langauge on FOREIGN LANGUAGES when the tickets will be put on for sale in spring. The programme will be distributed to households in Aarhus and all events will be shown on Facebook, on this website as well as through the various communication channels of the libraries and Aarhus Centre for Literature.

We always need extra hands. Contact volunteer coordinator Lisbet Knudsen, if you are interested in joining our team. 

LiteratureXchange is a city event. For that reason we collaborat with a wide range of organisations in Aarhus, among some are Kristian F. Møller, The Youth Culture House, Dansk Forfatterforening, The churches of Aarhus and Løve's Bog- og Vincafé as well as publishers such as Politikens Forlag, KLIM and Modtryk.

LiteratureXchange on social media
You can follow LiteratureXchange on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.


You are always welcome to contact us:

Project manager
Jette Sunesen, Aarhus Centre for Literature

Lise Kloster Gram, Aarhus Public Libraries
Kirstine Algreen Jakobsen, Aarhus Public Libraries

PR and communication
Camilla Engkjær Laursen, Aarhus Centre for Literature

Lisbet Knudsen, Aarhus Centre for Literature

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