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Gabriel Awuah Mainoo (GH)

Portrait of Gabriel Awuah Mainoo

Gabriel Awuah Mainoo is a Ghanaian poet, writer, editor, and playwright, making his Danish debut with the poetic epistolary book Wherever the Sea Spits You in June 2024. Wherever the Sea Spits You is written in collaboration with author and ph.d. Anne Green Munk, addressing the traces of slavery in the modern world and the challenges of being part of a globalized world threatened by pollution, inequality, and the climate crisis. Together, they aim to foster dialogue across cultures and promote understanding of different worldviews.

He has authored poetry collections such as We are Moulting Birds and Lyrical Textiles. Additionally, he has written for and edited various journals and magazines and serves as project manager for the Ghana Writes Literary Group.

Gabriel Awuah Mainoo has received several international awards, including the Singapore Poetry Prize 2022, Samira Bawumia Literature Prize 2022, and Stephen A. Dibiase Poetry Prize 2021.

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